“I’m really pleased with the results, so much better than when I had them done elsewhere. The shape is perfect and I hardly felt a thing. Thank you!”


“I can’t believe the difference and the brow treatment was so comfortable! Well done Melissa. You were amazing. “


“My brows look so natural! I didn’t want anything too bold and these are just perfect”


“What a brilliant experience! I felt so comfortable having it done and you were just amazing. It wasn’t painful at all and I’m super happy with the result. The treatment I had elsewhere really hurt and the colour faded really quickly. I love my brows and liner! thank-you so much!”


“I’m so pleased with my brows! It felt so gentle and has changed my face so much. It was much softer than my previous experience elsewhere. I can’t wait for my next treatment. I want to get my lips done!”

Rosa Smith